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Onion, (species Allium cepa), herbaceous biennial plant and its edible bulb. The onion is probably native to southwestern Asia but is now grown throughout the world, chiefly in the temperate zones. Onions are among the world's oldest cultivated plants. They were probably known in India, China, and the Middle East before recorded history. Ancient Egyptians regarded the spherical bulb as a symbol of the universe, and its name is probably derived from the Latin unus, meaning "one." The Romans introduced the onion to Britain and, in the New World, American Indians added a highly pungent wild onion to their stews. Curative powers have been attributed to onions throughout the centuries; they have been recommended for such varied ailments as colds, earaches, laryngitis, animal bites, powder burns, and warts. Onions are used widely in cooking. They add flavour to such dishes as stews, roasts, soups, and salads, and are also served as a cooked vegetable. The onion's characteristic pungency results from the sulfur-rich volatile oil it contains. Release of this oil during peeling brings tears to the eyes, but many cooks claim that tears can be avoided by peeling onions under running water.

Onion Sliced is available in 6 oz., 4 oz., and 1.5 oz. sizes. All A1 herbs, spices and seasonings are freshness sealed in durable and attractive clear plastic bottles. For bulk pricing contact us here. or call 516-801-2132.

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1746 Onion Sliced 25 lb. Bag $123.99 Buy it!
1745 Onion Sliced 15 lb. Bag $82.99 Buy it!
1744 Onion Sliced 10 lb. Bag $61.99 Buy it!
1380 Onion Sliced 3 lb. Jug $34.99 Buy it!
0967 Onion Sliced 8 oz. $9.99 Buy it!
0567 Onion Sliced 4 oz. $5.99 Buy it!
0766 Onion Sliced 1.5 oz. $4.29 Buy it!

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Onion Sliced
Onion Sliced

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