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Lemon, (Citrus limon), small tree or spreading bush of the rue family (Rutaceae) and its edible fruit. The outer rind, or peel, yellow when ripe and rather thick in some varieties, is prominently glandular-dotted. The white, spongy inner part of the peel, called the mesocarp, or albedo, is nearly tasteless and is the chief source of commercial grades of pectin. The pulp is decidedly acid. The predominant acid present is citric acid, which may amount to 5 percent or more by weight of the lemon's juice. Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C and contains smaller amounts of the B vitamins, particularly B1, B2, and niacin. The lemon was probably unknown to the ancient Greeks and Romans, but it was introduced into Spain and North Africa some time between the years AD 1000 and 1200. It was further distributed through Europe by the crusaders, who found the fruit growing in Palestine. In 1494 the fruit was being cultivated in the Azores and shipped largely to England. Juice of the lemon is a characteristic ingredient in many pastries and desserts, such as tarts and the traditional American lemon meringue pie. The astringent, distinctive flavour of the fruit is also used to enhance many poultry, fish, and vegetable dishes worldwide. Among the important by-products of lemons are citric acid, citrate of lime, lemon oil, and pectin. Citric acid is used in beverage manufacturing. Pectin has long been an important material for making fruit jellies; it has also been used in medicine in the treatment of intestinal disorders, as an antihemorrhagic, as a plasma extender, and for other purposes.

Lemon Peel is available in 14 oz., 7 oz., and 2.5 oz. sizes. All A1 herbs, spices and seasonings are freshness sealed in durable and attractive clear plastic bottles. For bulk pricing contact us here. or call 516-801-2132.

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Lemon Peel
Lemon Peel

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